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CNAM scouting group and Østerhøj-Måløv group became friends in April 2010 when a group of 19 scouts and scout leaders from CNAM group came to Denmark to join the National KFUM Jamboree in July 2010. Afterwards a 5 days homestay at the scouts in Måløv had been arranged. There was visits to Copenhagen, the Viking Museum in Roskilde, a trip to the leisure parc Bakken and of cause also scouting activities in Måløv with a big camp fire to celebrate the partnership and to thank families and friends for hosting the homestays. Friendships were made for life.


Both groups wanted to make more activities together and decided to try to find funding or sponsoring to support the idea of expanding the partnership and also to make a project that could benefit both groups and open up new possibilities for the youth. This being possibilities for youth that has not yet joined the scouting movement.


CNAM group - "la Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie" in Tunis


The scout group in Tunis is a part of the social activities for the children and youth of the employees of CNAM. The scout group was formed in 2005 and has 250 assigned scouts and around 50 active scouts.


The age of the scouts varies between 7 and 18 years. The scouts are divided by age and gender. Female leaders make activities with the girls. In camps they can have activities together. There are 10 leaders both male and female. The group leader and one of the scout leaders are employed in the HR department in CNAM.

CNAM institute’s head office is in Tunis, but the organization is national, which means that the goals from the scout group in the head office can be spread through out the whole organization. The membership of the Tunisian Scout Association will support the aim to spread the "Learning and Experiences".


Østerhøj-Måløv group


The Dansih scout group was formed in 2005 by some local parents that wanted scouting activities for their children. It was formed by support of development consultants from the KFUM scout movement in Denmark. Østerhøj-Måløv is situated in Måløv a small town which is part for the municipality of Ballerup and the distance to the capital city of Copenhagen is around 25 km.


Now there are scouts from 7 to 16 years of age and there are 50 assigned scout that are active in weekly meetings. The meetings are divided by age. Monday is juniors day, Wednesday it is scouts (from age 12) and Thursday it is wolfs/cubs.


The weekly meetings are for both girls and boys, and they also have weekend camps and summer camps together.

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