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Activities in project

Democracy in daily life scouting


We want to practice democracy. We do this by having the scouts electing their own patrol leaders.


Democracy in daily life is about having and expressing different opinions and meanings. It is also about how we show and respect ourselves and others. We want to be more aware of listening to different opinions. Though this project we want to try different activities and meeting structures that can support this.


We want to demonstrate that scouting is also a way of learning skills - and specifically the skills it takes to be part of a society where free speech is both a human right and an obligation for participating. Scouting is the best place to learn this - cause we practice "Learning By Doing".


Facebook meetings and communication


We have setup a Facebook group called 'Knights for Rights to support our partnership project. The group will be used to exchange information about our local scouting actitivites in the respective scouting groups in Tunisia and Denmark. We expect debate and discussion about everything within the vision of the partnership project. 




We are planning camps in both Tunisia and in Denmark in 2012. In Denmark we will participate in the big National Jamboree in Denmark in week 30, 2012. We will make activities within the theme of 'Knights - solve conflicts'. Scouts from all over Denmark can join the national jamboree.


The Danish scouts will visit Tunisia in 2011 to plan the summer camp 2012 in Tunisia. The Tunisian scouts will visit Denmark in 2012 to plan our joint participation in the National Jamboree.

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