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July 2012 - Camp in Korba, Tunisia and Jamboree in Holstebro, Denmark


altThe two main activities in the project is to make new ways and practice democracy in scouting. In the camp in Korba around 18 danish scouts, scout leaders and 2 parents went to be with around 30 scouts, scout leaders and parents from the CNAM group. The program contained 7 days of camp in Korba with cultural exchange, making election of patrol leaders, visit and interviewing fishermen to know about their democratic possibilities or use of getting rights in their profession. After the camp there was also 3 days in homestay with Tunisian families and visiting historic places and also the important places in the revolution.alt















In Denmark the CNAM group came the 18th of July and started 3 days in homestay with visiting at the municipal of Ballerup and meeting with the maire Jesper Würtzen and politician Miasser Hawwa. There was also visits to the Parliament, the museum of Freedom and Christiania.


In the Jamboree the task was to make and show our activities that can support the democracy in scouting - 6 activities was made for other scouts in the camp. It was in the area 'Land of Dialogue'. Around 200 scouts visited our activities - the came from Denmark, Wales, Norway and Sweden, so it also reached out to other places.


We even had a visit from the prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt that visited the Jamboree. With the two camps and a lot of activities we learned more about democracy in scouting also when it is challenged.altalt
























April and May 2012


Now both scout groups are getting ready for the participation at the summercamp in Bizerte, Tunisia and the Jamboree in Denmark. In both camps the theme will be around democracy, learning new things and share our ideas of daily life democracy with others. In Bizerte we will meet with local fishermen and handcraft persons. The scouts will learn about the fishermens work and daily life and find out which kind off rights they will like to have in the new democracy. At the Jamobree we will make activities for other scouts so more can be aware of their daily life rights and participation in a democracy and also how it is done in the scouting activities.alt


Both in Tunis and in Måløv the scouts will experience homestay.  


In April the Østerhøj-Måløv group and a group weekend with the theme of Tunisia. The scouts was divided in 'families' with an ummi and baba in each. The junior scouts and cubs was the children. The activities was workshops with handicraft from Tunisia, Forum theater, Tunisian food and the game Demos Cratos.


We also had a presentation at the local Library and Culture house  in Måløv about the partnership project and the summercamps on the 19th of April. We made brik and served cakes from Tunis.


The logo for the project was finally made with the participation of Nesrine who draw the original, Helene, Laura and Ahmed who decided on the colors and Khaled who made the final logo design. So in good cooperation between the two groups and the scouts.alt


The 1st of May we had a article on a website for youngster. It is a magazine and website and it is called 'Vi unge' (We the young). See the article here 






March 2012


From the 23. to 27. of March the project group and also a parent from Østerhøj-Måløv will go to Tunis to meet with the project group of CNAM to follow up on the projects achievements so far and also do more of the planning for the summer camps. Hopefully we will know more about the possibilities for getting visas. 


February 2012


We have had Skype meetings and in DK the scout group have been planning a weekend camp for the whole group. A camp where we will make a lot of activities for the cubs, juniors and scouts regarding to Tunisia. The camp will be in April from the 20. to the 22. so you will hear more about it then.


January 2012


We are starting with at new year for our partnership project. This year we will have many activities regarding our project and the objectives of learning and practice more about Democracy.


At the big National Jamboree we are going to make activities under the 'boble' 'Land of Democracy' this will be together with other scouts from KFUM and the other projects with Tunisia. We are going to make activities for 2 days with hopefully the participation of 1200 scouts all together. The scouts will come in 3 hour interval and each time around 400. We will make different workshops all about Democracy in daily life scouting. 


December 2011


The CNAM scout group had their Mini seminar in the final days of December. So now the two groups have been working with election of patrol leaders. The facebook group 'Knights for Rights' have got more participants and we are now 47 members. The project have to find the participants for the two summer camps. In Tunisia the Finish Embassy no longer can give visa to Denmark, so the scouts have to go all the way to Cairo in Egypt. So we are very worried if the Tunisians can't get visa in 2012. 


November 2011


The 16th of November there was a information meeting for the parents and scouts in Østerhøj-Måløv about the summercamp in Tunis - the 6th to 16th of July - and for the Tunisian scouts and Danish scouts at National Jamboree in Holstebro, DK from the 21th to 29th of July 2012.


October 2011


The project group from Østerhøj-Måløv is planning to visit the CNAM group in Tunis.


In October the project group had a field trip to Tunesia in order to plan for next summers camp. We had the chance to see 3 different camps of different quality. We have selected a smaller camp in a city north of Tunis (approx. 1 hour of driving). The camp is very close to the sea with a nice beach. There will be an option to sleep indoor a nice apartments and one large kitchen to share where food can be prepared for all. Really looking forward to next years event.


We also met with CEO of CNAM Slaheddine Montassar and HR manager Chokri Msolli to tell about the project. We also meet with the general secretary of the Tunisian scouts.


In the weekend we had a camp together with CNAM Scouts at Borj Cederia were the program was about democracy.



September 2011


Project information meeting for parents and scouts - see the information presentation here (it is in Danish). Topics include Vision, Participation and Programs during the project period from august 2011 to June 2013.


Election of patrol leaders and assistants started at the 24 hour mini-seminar from the 10th to the 11th of September in a small cabin in the middle of Bastrup District. The cabin was very close to Bastrup Lake and the middle aged Bastrup Town ruins which in middle Age was important for the Knights. 12 scouts were present and formed the criterias which is now the basics for getting elected patrol leader. The election was made with several candidates among the scouts that wanted to be patrol leader or patrol assistant. They made small speeches in front of all the participants.


The program and criteria you can read more about here.


August 2011


Project 'Knights for Rights starts in both Groups and Countries. The project groups will have Skype meetings to start the project.


May 2011


The partnership project was described at the DUF Seminar at Houens Odde, DK, with participation of scouts from both groups.


There was an article on about Helene and Laura's experience with the meeting of new friends in Tunisia. 'Tunisia in our hearts' the article is called. The site is information about several youth project between Danish and youth form other countries where Denmark supports project. The site is meant to be used in school programs.

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